Day 17- Are you there Barak? It’s me Ian..

So the transplant saga continues. This is turning into one of those movies that is like an hour too long. (Think lord of the rings ending). Ian is starting to get stir crazy. Every morning we get the results of Ian’s blood work and quickly scan through to see if he has any white blood cells. So far nil.

It’s really unheard of to have any white blood cells by this time but nonetheless the rumor mill among the patients, families, and experienced nurses spits outs stories about patients who went home 10 days post transplant. The best one I have heard is 8 days post transplant. Ian’s doctors continue to say it’s just not possible. The counts are expected to come in day 11-13 post transplant. Ian is day +9 today. We continue to wait and wait…

Today President Obama spoke at Central high school. Ian was given a special invitation as a member of the Phoenix Union high school district school board but wasn’t able to go. This is the second time he has been given a special invitation to meet the president and the second time he hasn’t been able to go. Yo POTUS, why you avoiding my husband?

Well through this whole experience, we have learned to improvise…. Enter The Chella!!

Chella is Ian’s youngest sister and she has definitely inherited the Danley method of “gettin’ stuff done”. Chella was selected as one of the 30 students from Central high school to be in the crowd for the president’s speech. She started in the balcony. we know not how, but through the Danley method of “gettin’ stuff done”, she made it to the front row.

After the president finished the speech, he walked through the crowd. People reached out to shake his hand and we have confirmed with multiple sources that Chella jumped over several people to get to the president. She got his attention and when he turned to her she said, “Hey you know my brother, you gave him an award!” The president said, “who’s your brother?” To which Chella replied, “Ian Danley.” Again, we have heard from multiple sources that THE president of the United States said, “Oh Ian!” then nodded.

There are a lot of layers of love in that story. I’m not going to lie, I was bummed when I woke up. I thought about how my husband was getting stiffed out of another once in a lifetime experience because of cancer and it just stuck with me. Several people who were at that speech have told me that all they could do was think about Ian. But I gotta hand it to Chella, she brought Ian with her in a way I you just can’t make up. Secret service ain’t got nothing on you girl! We love you Chella. We love your tenacity, your passion, and your loyalty to Ian. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you “get done” in your life!

We had lots of visitors today who loved on Ian. Ian is fighting to keep his eyes open these days, the fatigue is unreal. He went to bed early tonight and will no doubt wake up tomorrow and immediately ask about his counts. He wants to go home but we are trusting the process. Going home too early generally means you have to come back soon for some complication. We thank you all for your words of encouragement and prayers. We ask that for tomorrow you refrain from visiting or text beforehand so that Ian can rest. It was a momentous day and that tends to tucker the man out. Day +10, here we come!




Chella getting to talk to the president

14 thoughts on “Day 17- Are you there Barak? It’s me Ian..

  1. Chela is AMAZING! So full of love and initiative. And blessings to Ian for being remembered to the President in such a special way!


  2. What a great story and even greater sister! You are dwelling in the Presence of the Lord! We are all there with you in prayer!


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