Coming home

So Ian was released from the hospital on Friday at about 3pm.

It felt like the end of summer camp in some ways. We spent most of the day saying our good byes to the nurses and doctors and some of the other patients. I tied up some loose ends to get everything ready at the house for Ian.

Ian walked out of the transplant unit and he looked so good. Tyler met him at the elevator and they waved bye bye to the nurses.

Ian took his mask off when he got into the car and took a long deep breath. He drove away from the hospital. Most people can hardly walk to the car after transplant but Ian got to drive away. We are aware that although Ian’s transplant had its challenges, he was lucky to feel well during most of it.

We got home and were surprised by a big welcome home sign that the church had left for us. We got settled in, unpacked, and got home health equipment delivered for the next phase of Ian’s healing.

In the evening we were surprised by a bunch of friends who came by to say welcome home to Ian.

I don’t know what else to say other than it is good to be home. Yesterday we got to spend the whole day just hanging around the house as a family. More than once Ian and I looked at each other and the tears just came. Our hearts are full.

This whole experience has changed me. My mind is tired and my insight is limited so I’m not sure exactly how and to what extant but I know I am different coming out of it. I know that part of me has hardened, but I have also softened in other ways. I have fallen deeper in love with Ian. I love and appreciate our son more.

We are now in Ian’s next phase of recovery. He goes to the outpatient bone marrow transplant clinic every other day for lab draws and infusions. I’m also giving him IV antibiotics at home. It’s remarkable how much better he physically feels after just 2 days at home. He has a better appetite. He sleeps better. He has even better energy than he did when he was in the hospital.

I may write time to time about updates on Ian and our family as he completes his engraftment but if I don’t get to it, I want to tell all of you who have followed our story, encouraged us, and cared for us during this time-thank you. Thank you for being with us. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I never felt alone. I am grateful for that.

Expect big things from the Danleys in 2015! Love you all.



Getting unhooked from the IV pump by one of our favorite nurses Michelle




Driving home



Mr. T being a cool kid

14 thoughts on “Coming home

  1. What a blessing!!! This is great news Shiloh & I am so happy Ian is home!
    Stay strong & stay blessed…..Love always Sandra Carrillo & family.
    Please text if you need help with errands, I would love to help….
    I am a hop, skip & a jump


  2. Fantastic news! Cohort 3 has been praying and sharing these updates with each other. Although we’re all over the US, we’re there in spirit. If there would ever be a time where we could get a group/conference call, we’d love to do that.


  3. We are all so very thankful for answered prayers for Ian; for God’s goodness, grace and mercy shown Ian and your family. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you rest and heal as a family. XOXO


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